1. aczamudio:

Page 1 of THE REMAINS #2! Be sure to pre-order it or check it out April 9th!

A cool comic drawn and colored by two close friends of mine! Check it out! :D It was written by Cullen Bunn (if you’re keeping up with the comics industry and don’t know Cullen’s work, you should get acquainted with them
  2. warm-up sketches between commissions

  3. was working on character designs for a thing, and this popped out. Whoops.
  4. Sorta doodling between commissions on this pageAnd this is why I don’t show my digital roughs to people XD(So scratchy, but it helps me find the lines that work)
  5. Sketches from last night :o
  6. Cyborg 009 fanart I did. 
  7. Some sketches. Oh yeah, the first one is a furry terrorist. 

  8. Got bored and drew this for my Facebook cover. 
  9. Warm-up sketch~ I’m watching the new season of The Following. I like Emma’s hair.
  10. pizzazparlour:

my valentines this year

Alright let’s do it
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