1. A warm-up sketch. Baymax is a cutie.
  2. cuddly-coati:

gently bap your passum

Hi I’d like one pet passum to bap please
  3. Hahaha
  4. a lunchtime sketch of the Hulk. I’m a terrible person.
  5. Anonymous said: Have you ever thought about applying for Titmouse? Your style looks similar to their stuff. Keep up the great work!

    I have thought about it, but the branches for Titmouse are in NYC and LA respectively, and I don’t have the money/resources/connections to apply or even consider a job outside of Georgia at the moment, unless one were offered/guaranteed to me.

    If I were an SVA animation student/graduate, then my circumstances would be a bit different, because then I might ACTUALLY know someone up in New York other than my dad :P

    And public postings for positions at such studios are (in my personal experience) a rarity.
    Most people I’ve known to get jobs in studios usually do so through a person they already knew IN the studio (Who you know DOES matter), and then getting test-work through them. The head of the department you’ve applied to will review your completed work, critique it, and make a decision. My experience with professional comics has been similar.

    It helps to be a personable hard worker, able to take criticism/direction, and obviously to be relatively skilled/creative. That’s not to say that folks can’t get jobs without knowing people, but those people are usually super awesome in all of the aforementioned categories!

    Due to my current living circumstances, Bento and Floyd (both of which are in GA) are the only animation studios I could really immediately apply to If I wanted to stop my freelance-flow-train and hop aboard the studio-express!

    Even then, getting a job in their studios would be pretty hard :)

  6. aczamudio:

Page 1 of THE REMAINS #2! Be sure to pre-order it or check it out April 9th!

A cool comic drawn and colored by two close friends of mine! Check it out! :D It was written by Cullen Bunn (if you’re keeping up with the comics industry and don’t know Cullen’s work, you should get acquainted with them
  7. warm-up sketches between commissions

  8. was working on character designs for a thing, and this popped out. Whoops.
  9. Sorta doodling between commissions on this pageAnd this is why I don’t show my digital roughs to people XD(So scratchy, but it helps me find the lines that work)
  10. Sketches from last night :o
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